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Petra Trouvain(non-registered)
Great pictures Ky. My first visit. Starting my day with a good cup of coffee, and looking your pictures with nice music. My day starts good now!!! Love ' Playing with light' 'IH at the beach' and 'Slideshow'. Espacially enyoing the white dogs :)
Dale Young(non-registered)
Great pics Ky. I was great seeing everybody last Saturday. Hope the trip back home went well. This weekend had no problems with hares. I think we needed a least a dozen hares for the rare breed & borzoi specialities and we were done by 2pm. What a difference a week makes.
great imagers as always Ky . i will be visiting again soon.
Janet Boe(non-registered)
I love the action pictures - especially catching runners with legs in identical positions. Of course, the close-ups are always amazing as it is hard to get a good close look at the dogs faces without them moving.
Jessamy McManus(non-registered)
awwww Bella :)
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